General Butler Bash is Wired!

In the sleepy, historically quaint town of Carrollton, KY, sits an interesting place called the General Butler State Park Resort.  This is Northern Kentucky’s first state park.  The 300-tract land, comprised of the William O. Butler family farm, predominantly came into being on August 12, 1931.  The historic Butler Family, for which the park is named, has quite a lineage of men who served their country.  General Percival Butler was a revolutionary war hero.  His four sons were just as accomplished as their father.  William O. Butler was a solider and statesman.  In the War of 1812, Major Thomas Butler served.  Richard Parker Butler became a planter, soldier and lawyer.  Pierce Butler filled the shoes of a lawyer and legislator.  Along with this rich history, the General Butler State Park Resort sits at the exact coupling of the Ohio and Kentucky Rivers.  This site of natural beauty became the location of the General Butler Bash Square Dance which has been held there for six years on the last complete weekend of January.  Tom Davis, Wes Dyer, Mark Patterson and Jack Pladdys are the powerhouse team that bring square and round dancers from all over the region to experience a little patch of heaven.  To help spread the word of 2019 event, please spy the new website,  We are also active and would appreciate a “like” on the social outlets of Facebook and Instagram:  @General Butler Bash, and Twitter @gbbssquaredance.

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