Dance Schedule

You can have a link to the calendar sent to your email address.

Enter your email address below.  Within a few minutes, you’ll get back an email from that has a direct link to JUST the calendar.  (Not this page.)  This is especially handy on a mobile device with a small screen.  Viewing just the calendar alone — without the website page surrounding it — makes for a far easier viewing experience.

Click the link within your email to see the calendar.  If you see any kind of error when you click that link “warning” you that the link looks “suspicious,” ignore the warning and proceed.

We are NOT collecting your email address for ANY purpose.  This is simply an autoresponder sending you back a convenient link within your email.  Hang onto the email for the duration of the event so that you don’t have to come back here.  (Though you can!)

Alternatively,  you can reach the mobile-friend version of the calendar by clicking here.

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